October 5, 2005

What Art Can Show Us About Our Lives?

Today I post examples illustrating how the philosophy of Aesthetic Realism founded by Eli Siegel, American poet, educator and critic, show that art has the answers to some of the biggest matters in our lives. As you will see in the links below, the great art of the world can teach us about our very selves!!!

John Singer Sargent
Sargent's "Madame X"; Or, Assertion and Retreat in Women
by Lynette Abel

Jan Vermeer
Vermeer's "Young Woman With a Water Jug"--and What Men and Women Are Hoping For in Marriage
by Julie and Robert Jensen

Diego Velazquez
What Will Make Us Truly Proud of Ourselves? A Study in the Art of Diego Velazquez
by Dorothy Koppelman

Pablo Picasso
Picasso's Dora Maar Seated--or, Full Face and Profile: How Do They Show the Self?
by Meryl Simon

Vincent Van Gogh Can We Be Expansive and Contained Like Van Gogh's Starry Night?
by Miriam Mondlin

Robert Indiana
What Are You Looking For In Love, Robert Indiana's "Love"
by Ken Kimmelman

Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollack's Number One 1948; or, How Can We Be Abandoned and Accurate at the Same Time?
by Lore Elbel-Bruce

Claude Monet
Our Selves Are Aesthetic! Monet's "Autumn Effect at Argenteuil"
by Ruth Oron

Dorothea Lange
What Does a Person Deserve? The Answer Found in a Great Photograph of Dorothe Lange
by David Bernstein

Paul Cezanne
Art Opposes Injustice; or, Cezanne's "Still life With Onions"
by Nancy Huntting

Pieter Bruegal
How Can We Be Composed?: Bruegel's Hunters In The Snow
by Nancy Huntting

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